About JCIP

JCIP is a boutique intellectual property law firm specializing in all aspects of IP protection, including patent and trademark prosecution, technology and brands transaction, and litigation. We represent a wide range of clients from nearly every technological field and industry, from biotechnology and computer science to consumer products and food/beverages.

Our combined wealth of experience, technical backgrounds and legal skills allow us to develop the most efficient and cost-effective strategies to protect our clients’ intellectual property assets. We pride ourselves in taking our time to understand our clients’ businesses, develop personal relationships with our clients and focus our services on our clients’ needs.

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One of our biggest strengths is the depth of our experience in international IP. Our global presence and experience in international IP allow us to protect our clients’ IP portfolios in nearly every country in the world.

We also collaborate with our foreign partners to provide the best IP strategies to secure protection for foreign clients’ technological assets and brands in the U.S. At JCIP, we are truly an international IP firm that provides a gateway to global IP protection.