At JCIP, our intellectual property counsel are committed to providing our clients with the guidance needed to protect their ideas. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to safeguard every client’s brand and technological assets that make our clients’ companies unique. Our broad practice areas and experience encompass all aspects of intellectual property laws and industries, from pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to consumer products.

Practice Areas


We provide a wide-range of patent services to protect our clients’ inventions domestically and internationally, from prosecution to technology transaction and litigation. Each of our patent attorneys is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Our patent attorneys come from diverse technical backgrounds and industry experience that include life sciences, engineering and computer sciences, which strongly complement our legal expertise.


We understand that branding is key to continued success in every business. Our team assists our clients every step of the way in establishing, developing and protecting their trademark portfolios, from selecting a trademark, filing a trademark application to protect a company’s slogan, brand name and logo, to litigation and enforcement.


Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of copyright law. We help our clients obtain copyright registration for a wide variety of art works, from literary works to sound recording, as well as enforce and defend our clients’ copyrighted works through litigation and seizure, if necessary.


Our attorneys have an exceptional depth of knowledge and experience in international IP to help our clients navigate through the sea of international IP laws. We closely collaborate with our international partners to help our clients procure, enforce, transfer and license their patents and trademarks in nearly every country in the world.


Our attorneys have an outstanding litigation experience in the federal courts, the USPTO and the International Trade Commission (ITC). We have successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants in various patent and trademark infringement cases in the federal courts, as well as trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings and patent challenges before the USPTO.

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